The apprenticeship will function in some ways like a vocational school, there are certain standards which must be maintained in order for the student to “pass”. In a tattoo apprenticeship there are also certain standards which must be maintained in order to finish. In the event the apprentice does NOT meet these standards, the tattoo apprenticeship will be terminated and no refund will be given. Obviously, some of these behaviors may need to be learned, and warnings, when appropriate will be given, and the apprentice will have the opportunity to change their behavior. Other circumstances may result in immediate termination, at the sole discretion of Till Death Tattoos.

Accountability: When the apprentice is given an assignment, they will be expected to complete it by the deadline provided.

Punctuality: The apprentice will be expected to maintain the highest standards of punctuality. In the event that a schedule cannot be met, the apprentice will be expected to inform Devin Emde( or any relative persons ) with as much advance notice as possible. Tardiness to work, late homework, and general disregard for deadlines will absolutely not be tolerated.

Honesty: The apprentice will be expected to maintain absolute honest and fairness in all dealings, both privately and within work settings. Theft will ALWAYS result in IMMEDIATE TERMINATION. General deception or lack of moral integrity will not be tolerated. Nobody is perfect, however, the apprentice will be expected to show basic solidity of character, and the ability to be forthright.

Personal hygiene: The apprentice will be expected to demonstrate good personal hygiene and basic good grooming habits while affiliated with Devin Emde, and Till Death Tattoos.

Affiliated costs: Some exercises and lessons will require added expenditure from the apprentice. For example, painting lessons will require the purchase of art supplies, such as sketch books, canvas, paint, brushes, paper, inks, etc. Other lessons and tasks may require driving, which will require a reliable, insured vehicle, and gas expenses. Furthermore, at some point during the tattoo apprenticeship the student will be required to purchase their own tattoo equipment and machines.

These expenses will NOT be paid by the initial tattoo apprenticeship cost of $5500, and will be the sole responsibility of the apprentice… I would advise any apprentice not being supported by other means, to acquire part time employment in order to support these expenses.

Dedication: The apprentice will be expected to show basic respect for, and serious dedication to their teacher, and tattooing in general. Failure to complete assignments on time, disregard for or complaints about lesson content will not be tolerated. By purchasing the tattoo apprenticeship, the apprentice acknowledges that Devin Emde is qualified to instruct them, and must for the duration of the apprenticeship submit to the wisdom and better judgement of Devin Emde in regards to all things tattoo related. All assignments and tasks are designed to enable the apprentice to transition into tattooing as a career with all required skills for success, though the relativity of some may not be immediately apparent.


The time-line of lessons is not set. Each lesson and the timing of the integration of each phase of education is determined based on the apprenticeʼs aptitude and ability. I will break the education into four phases, beginning with phase 1 and integrating another phase roughly every three months until all four become part of the curriculum.


Custodial duties, and basic customer relations.

Train for management of sterilization procedures

Take responsibility for inventory and supply acquisition

Secretarial training ( handling of the files, emails, phone calls, ordering of

supplies )

Muscle memory exercises, and basic tattoo design concepts.

Tattoo aftercare theory and methods

Tattoo community research and development exercises

Painting and drawing exercises

Personal assistant responsibilities

Compiling data into reference material for future business management

Selected reading assignments

Photographing tattoos 101

Apprentice makes actual tattoos on “volunteers” for free 



Begin development of tattoo flash

Tattoo machines 101

Needles and their uses

Development of portfolio

Advanced explanation of tattooing process

Intermediate painting and drawing exercises

Development of the apprentice as a brand

Promotions tasks

Apprentice begins to make tattoos on “ volunteers” for nominal fee



Tattoo flash goes into production / distribution

Advanced painting and drawing exercises

Acquisition of apprentice’s own tattooing equipment

Apprentice tattooing as often as possible on “volunteers”



“Pilgrimages”… assignments that require travel

Art show

Apprentice tattooing as close to full time as they can on “volunteers”, at increased rate


At the end of the twelve months of study, having met all requirements and completing the tattoo apprenticeship, the student graduates. From this point on they are no longer considered an apprentice, but a tattoo artist. Ideally, the apprentice will complete his or her tattoo apprenticeship having created a good relationship with the teacher, and all other shop employees. If this is the case the apprentice, having graduated will be invited to stay on as an artist at the shop. Typically the artist would remain at the studio where they had served their tattoo apprenticeship for at least one year, but are not required to do so. In the unlikely event that the apprentice does complete the apprenticeship, but does NOT manage to develop a good working relationship with the teacher and other shop employees, the offer to stay on as an artist will NOT be extended. In this scenario, the apprentice, upon graduation, will be required to clear out immediately after graduation, however, having completed the apprenticeship with Till Death Tattoos, they will have all the necessary skills to find gainful employment elsewhere. The latter scenario is INCREDIBLY unlikely, because in MOST foreseeable circumstances, if the apprentice cannot develop a good working relationship with the teacher and all shop employees, they will not graduate.

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